Monticello Animal Hospital

1193 5th Street, SW
Charlottesville, VA 22902


Good Samaritan Fund


The Monticello Animal Hospital's doors are open to any animal in need. Sadly, some of these animals are simply left on our doorstep in need of serious medical care. The Good Samaritan Fund is designed to help cover the cost to care for these animals. Without it, they may not get the care that they require to survive. Donations to this fund may be made in honor of a person or pet that is close to your heart or even in memory of your lost pet. If you choose, you will be recognized in our newsletter for your contribution. As a thank you for supporting our Good Samaritan Fund, you will receive a coffee mug with the Monticello Animal Hospital's logo on it filled to the brim with treats for your dog or cat.

black and white cat