Monticello Animal Hospital

1193 5th Street, SW
Charlottesville, VA 22902




Monticello Animal Hospital is a full-service surgical facility, offering orthopedic and soft-tissue surgery, as well as routine spays and neuters.  We are committed to providing safe anesthesia and effective pain management during and after surgery.  In addition to our medical services, surgery is frequently used to help resolve or manage a variety of problems.  Below are some common surgical procedures that we perform:


  • Ovariohysterectomy (spay) and orchiectomy (neuter)
  • Oncological surgery: surgical excision and biopsy, benign skin masses, malignant skin tumors with wide surgical margins, splenectomy, digit and limb amputations, intestinal mass resection
  • Orthopedic surgery:  fracture repair, cranial cruciate ligament repair, femoral head ostectomy, luxating patella (tibial crest transpositioning)
  • Reconstructive skin surgery:  using skin flap techniques to cover large deficits created by tumor removal or trauma, facial tumor removals with cosmetic closure
  • Ophthalmic surgery - conjunctival skin flaps for severe corneal ulcers or corneal perforation, "cherry eye" surgery, entropion, ectropion, eyelid tumor removal
  • Emergency surgery - GDV/bloat correction, diaphragmatic hernia repair, wound/laceration repair, intestinal foreign body removal, intestinal resection and anastomosis
  • Urogenital surgery - cystotomy/bladder stone removal, perineal urethrostomy, nephrectomy, caesarean section, and tumor removals

Doctor in surgery